Over 5000 valued customers.
Over 400,000 tons trading annually.
Over 10,000 tons ready stock available.
Over AED 1Billion (1,000,000,000.00) group turnover.
16 world class bank's.
14 offices.
400 total personnel.
Export to 45 countries.
World class warehousing facility.
State of art processing units.
Chiller room's for sensitive products.
Various achievements / certificates.


Direct shipment to the buyers, both in bulk and bagged cargo.
Handling of export offers efficiently, ranging form container load to charter vessels.
Arranging credit facilities, ranging form 60 to 180 days on international credit norms.
Highly competitive prices to direct users, traders and sale by tenders.
Maintaining international quality standards.
Large warehousing facility at plants and ports.
Offering suppliers through out the year.
Joint venture include tailor made facilities for large buyers national as well international.
Arranging quotation & sample swiftly and regular interaction with customer throght a well designed marketing network.
Tranined executive`s to handle export assignment efficently and to service export orders to the entire satisfaction of overseas buyers.
Senior management keep abreast of latest trends and development in international markets.