Rain/Harvest Report 2013

This is refer to new seasion of Rice , pulses , Ground Nut and Sesame Seed In India , Our Expert panel survey the growing area and fond below conclusion :-

As per today press conference of India, MET department the overall rain deficit in India is 19% . The Major effected area are

Gujarat , Saurashtra , Kutch -79% ( effected crop Oil Seed )

Haryana , delhi -71% ( effected Crop Rice , Mainly non-Basmati ) but If this trend continue than basmati will also be in problem.

Punjab -66% Rain – ( Effected crop non-basmati ) and predicted to effect basmati also if less raining level continue than .

West Rajasthan – 61% ( Effected Spices and Ground nut )

Indian Government now worried and says If EI-NI no factor in August come Inforce the situation will be more worst . Giverenment Says this yearAgriculture growth rate will be in negative Zone compare to last year and most effected products are oil seeds , pulses and some corn and Rice etc.

As per Interview of Mr. Sunil Mittal , Chairperson of SANTOSH OVERSEAS LTD, India Leading Rice Manufacturer , till date Basmati is not much effected and sowing will continue till 10th of August and If the Rain condition does not improve in August and September then we may have some issue as far as Basmati varities are concern.

Re Pulses the 40% of our Production is from Kharif Crop wgich is going to be less 20% mean we are shorter by 1.2million tone of Pulses in Kharif crop . This may have impact of internation pulses Market ..which you should monitor closely.

Re Ground Nut , position is bad showing is very l;ess but so far Soya is Ok . But all future will depends on Rain.

Farmers are trying hard to keep their plant alive by arranging ground water and some by Rivers .

Conclusion : This year export rate slow and price will be in peak compare to Last year and Import Level will be also demanding .

Hope the above Information will help you to take your decision for Forward booking in Rice , Oil Seeds and Other product from India